Wife Of A Deployed Veteran Partners With Video Gamers

An unlikely partnership between the wife of a deployed National Guardsmen and video gamers across America has been created to support the troops. Molly Johnson, who is best likened to a human dynamo, has been working tirelessly to involve video gamers in the support of U.S. servicemen and their families. “I know that early adopters create most of the consumer generated media on the internet,” stated Ms. Johnson. “Video gamers are certainly early adopters and I need them to spread the word online that our troops need everyone’s back-up. Most of our soldiers abroad are on the internet during their free time and I want them to see that America is supporting them.”

The internet is the 21st century equivalent to Armed Forces Radio. Many servicemen overseas rely on internet access for news, information and contact with home. Johnson’s strategy involves mobilizing video gamers, who do in fact generate a tremendous amount of the content one sees on the internet. Gamers are also active in terms of blogging and social network activity. They are prolific in terms of disseminating their views online. 

How Johnson is enlisting their help is what is so unique. She first recruited one of the fastest growing massive multi-player online game developers in the world, MVP Networks, to join ranks with her. MVP currently has over 500,000 players participating in two of their offerings

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